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Wayne Ellington
Vocalist, Director and Songwriter

Waynes Gesangskarriere begann schon sehr früh in der Kirche, wo er neben seinen Geschwistern in einer Gruppe sang. Während seines Musik- und Musikpsychologie-Studiums an der Brunel University entwickelte er sich weiter und wurde dort mit dem prestigeträchtigen Sheridan-Instrumentalpreis für herausragendes Singen und Musizieren ausgezeichnet.

Waynes spielte in Musicals mit,  hat als Background-Sänger gearbeitet, international mit Chören gesungen, Gesangsworkshops veranstaltet, Gesangs-Coaching-Kurse durchgeführt und in Schulen gelehrt. Dabei arbeitete er neben Großbritannien, Italien, Deutschland und Polen noch in vielen anderen europäischen Ländern.

Sein Auftritt bei The Voice UK 2018 ermöglichte ihm die Zusammenarbeit mit Sir Tom Jones. Wayne nahm auch an der königlichen Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle mit dem "The Kingdom Choir" teil, in dem Wayne immer noch singt.

Wayne ist der Gründer des Chores „Manchester Inspirational Voices“, einem pulsierenden Community-Chor im Herzen von Manchester, den er seit 12 Jahren leitet. Im Juli 2016 gewann der Chor den BBC-Preis "Gospel-Chor des Jahres". Trotz seiner Auszeichnungen und dem großen Erfolg bei Voice UK 2018 ist der gefragte Sänger und Coach bodenständig geblieben.

Wayne konnte bereits bei GESUND 2018 die Teilnehmer in seinen Bann ziehen. Nicht nur durch seine kraftvolle, gefühlvolle Stimme, sondern auch durch seine einfühlsame Art gelang es ihm, seine Leidenschaft für Musik und Gesang an die Sänger/innen weiterzugeben.

Biography (English)

“Elegant, soulful, powerful...

the words of Will.I.am as he described Wayne’s rendition of ‘The Man in the Mirror’, most famously performed of course, by Michael Jackson.
Praise and recognition on the Voice UK 2018 might have introduced Wayne as a contemporary artist with a universal appeal, but it certainly doesn’t do enough to define him.

Wayne’s voice is emotive and motivational, powerful and poignant.

Behind the beautifully seasoned tones of his voice though, stands a humble and modest, yet quietly confident man, with a burning passion for music and song that stretches throughout the wonderful city of Manchester and reaches the grateful ears of the world.
Having founded the internationally acclaimed gospel choir ‘Manchester Inspirational Voices’ in 2006, Wayne has touched the lives of hundreds of Mancunians, who have joined, rehearsed and performed under his dedicated leadership and master class orchestration.

Capturing hearts and captivating minds
From humble beginnings, singing his heart out every weekend in church as a child, Wayne has followed the road his voice has forged for him, the road that he was always supposed to take. He attended Brunel University, studying a BMus in Music and Art, where he was awarded with the prestigious Sheridan Instrumental Prize for Outstanding Singing and Musicianship along the way.
The road has led him to some beautiful places around the world and allowed him to meet some incredible people too. Wayne has performed alongside Brit Pop idols Blur and has taken to the stage in front of millions of worshippers in Krakow, with Pope St John Paul II amongst the esteemed attendees. As part of the Kingdom Choir, Wayne helped to create a musical landscape that will be remembered for decades, whilst performing at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Whether he is in front of his beloved choir, or performing his masterful renditions of Nat King Cole, Wayne gives it everything.
His passion and love. His heart and soul.

Vocal Masterclass
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The joy of singing is something that Wayne Ellington knows so well.
It is a joy he has lived his whole life, from that wide eyed boy in the church hall to the man he is today, performing on the stage and on the small screen.
The beauty of song and the enjoyment of singing are experiences Wayne believes no one should be without.
The resurgence of ‘the choir’ in recent years has introduced so many to a life filled with singing and is testament to the remarkable power of song to change our, outlook, affect our circumstances and influence others in profound ways.
Wayne works with individuals, small groups and choirs on the journey to discover ‘their sound.’
He has helped hundreds of people step out of the shadows of self-doubt and self-consciousness and into the light of accomplishment and acknowledgement of their own ability.
There is nothing he loves more than being an integral part of the process in which someone travels from a place where they believed they simply couldn’t sing, to a destination where they are able flourish and bloom as a crucial part of a choir or as a member of a group.
This is his passion. This is why he devotes his time to an endeavour that he believes has the potential and the power to change outlooks and transform lives.
People don’t get ‘chills’ from a piece of music for no reason. That special song you cherish, the one that makes your hairs stand on end...you don’t know why it makes you feel like that, but it does.
Wayne is absolutely committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for every single person he works with.
As well having more than 25 years’ experience, working as a professional vocal coach and solo artist, Wayne brings empathy and understanding to his practice, meaning that confidence and self-esteem are developed just as effectively as the singing voice itself.
Sir Tom Jones told Wayne that he could completely relate to him, and Wayne can completely relate to you.
Quite simply, he wants you to own your sound and enjoy it. You deserve to.

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Wayne Ellington

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